Thursday, 18 September 2008

Exercise # 23

Wow!! I do not believe i really catch up my all of my exercises or i am going to say '??' exercises have finished? So quick!! yes, indeed, i do enjoy these exercise even sometimes made me frustrated and kind of lost in the forest. But i have a good help team behind me always knew how to bring me out. i already told my friends and family members to get my 'blogger' and read it. without these exercises i would not know how many websites we can add in our libraries. sharing with whole world not just in New Zealand. To recall all of the technologies i learned i quiet enjoy RSS with Bloglines and Web 2.0 awards-Genealogy-Heritage which i will make my own family tree, in the future.
anyway, congratulations all of us. many thanks my help team.

Exercise # 22

Exercise # 21 is discovering My Space and Facebook, exercise# 22 is learning about 'Social Networking with library', i do my Google searching what are different with them. i think it is good to read Danah Boyd June 24 2007 article 'Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace' article has very clear explanation between My Space and Facebook. after my read Meredit Farkas on May 10 2006 article 'Library in Social Networking Software' make me to come to a understanding all of a sudden. they are link like ' communication vehicles.' running, bringing and exchanging knowledge and information from multi-ways. that it’s a good idea for a library to at least seriously think about having a MySpace or Facebook' in the future. we always say 'Library is your Library'.

Exercise # 21

Browsing this exercise I do like Rotorua Library's Bebo, it is attracted people to discover the Library.
I am very interested 'Facebook' it is kind of my MSN (windows live messenger) and 'Skype', i can invite my friends or i be invited on their chatting lists. but 'Facebook' has more convenience functions. from my help team showed her 'Facebook' album and share with her sweet family beautiful photos. she told us she only needs to check on 'Facebook' she knows where her kids are and this web always be updated. yes, i sign-up and add my photo on 'Facebook' , i will ask my kids my relatives to sign-up to share our photos and messages. i really like the exercises make me learn more functions and information. even i have not learned thoroughly but i will take my time to do more exercises to satisfy myself.
welcome to join and be friends . click this website you will see my 'soul male' how handsome he is.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Exercise # 20

This image shows ebook like. carrying it with us to read in anytime at any place but it is not really good for elderly people or have eyesight problem readers. Small screen can not make printing big enough. For myself, i don't think i would enjoy it. it is very convenience for some disable just need to sit in front of computer to enjoy reading. I wonder these ebooks are fully copied? or just summary. these ebooks could keep forever without getting damaged or pull apart by readers. but first it needs to spend some money to buy this equipment to download them.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Exercise # 19

I have browsed all of resources of Podcasts but i did not know what exercise for, help-team helped me to solve my question. i am going away for a few weeks therefore i chose 'podcast alley' to find 'travel' and 'the Vegas tourist' added on my Bloglines. it was good i could listen how's Vegas. i will take time to add more i like to listen. i told my family i like the bloggers exercises to give me more searching for information not just only 'Google 'Yahoo', the program gives me more and wide knowledge.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Exercise # 18

would that happen in our libraries?

it is the National library of China, new North wing (digital library)one day i will visit it.

Exercise # 17

After i browsed the Web 2.0 Awards, i could not image how many websites we can do our studying and researching !! i have started alphabetically from catalogues. even i do not know what is it, but after reading the brief describe themselves. i found i am interesting '' search for out -of -print boos, '' collected of recipes. but the most i am interested is 'the Genealogy- 'My Heritage' - is to provide the best tools for genealogy and family history research. we can invite and create our family members photos then post the family tree online to share. even we can trace the family's medical history and keep track of important family events and more. i will take my time to make my family tree on my blogger, soon !!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Exercise # 16

this article has been published from my 'Zoho writer' exercise. It is another easy way to create my documents. I feel more interested and more easier to have finished my exercise now. I Will appreciate to have comments for my writing.
Do reporters and photographers respect the private lives of famous people?

No. I really don't think reporters or photographers know how to respect the private lives of famous people.they try various methods to stalk them and immorally dig up these people private matters. They don't mind even the information is untrue or going to damage or harass these peoples reputations or marriages. curiosity is part of human nature. plenty of people are curious about the difference between public people lives and them.reporters and photographers want to feed readers interesting to get their job satisfaction. therefore, they neglect respecting peoples lives on the other hand, if these people have 'No' reporters or photographers how they be a famous?

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Exercise # 15

it was a little bit complicated to follow the instruction to add my search roll on my blog. but it did not take me too long. I got it !! It sounds another easy search function to me. i added 'health' for my future reading.
i really like the design, it is look like an ancient Chinese text book or a roll of significant painting is hiding more information or secrets inside. Roll it out then you will get answers.

Exercise # 14

it likes one of my book shelves in my study room. needs to be catalogued and classified. now i have my own Small 'library' with 5 books
to be free to 'click it' and take look my 'Gallery'
In the future I will be increasing various classified and catalogued books and welcome to add your books review on it.

Exercise # 13

i was born in that country has a few months cold winter but never has a 'snowing day'. i always think would i have a chance to stay or live in a country that has a 'snowing winter'. Now, i am living in Auckland . It is a beautiful city but has without any of 'snowy winter'.
this image will fill up my 'dream'. Ye!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Exercise # 12

Sandbox make me like lost in a maze. I could not open 'Learning 2.0 favourites wiki 'web. it was just like standing the maze enter did not know how to start. i had tried my office's computer during my tea break. ha, i got it with my sweet colleague's helping. i made my comment on 'This is a template page' you will see a little bit how modern and powerful shanghai is.