Saturday, 13 September 2008

Exercise # 17

After i browsed the Web 2.0 Awards, i could not image how many websites we can do our studying and researching !! i have started alphabetically from catalogues. even i do not know what is it, but after reading the brief describe themselves. i found i am interesting '' search for out -of -print boos, '' collected of recipes. but the most i am interested is 'the Genealogy- 'My Heritage' - is to provide the best tools for genealogy and family history research. we can invite and create our family members photos then post the family tree online to share. even we can trace the family's medical history and keep track of important family events and more. i will take my time to make my family tree on my blogger, soon !!

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

The Genealogy websites are interesting and you have a lovely picture to go with it.