Saturday, 30 August 2008

Exercise # 11

What is Wiki?
it is a allows a group of people to collaboratively develop a Web site with other markup languages. anyone can add or edit pages in a Wiki or create new Wiki pages simply by creating a new link with the name of the page. Sounds the same with setting-up 'blogger' and sharing information about the profession?

book lovers Wiki-it is look like a 'book club' or 'book review' free to review or talk reading experience , sharing comments and getting users to post about their favorite books, become more actively involved in the library's online presence!
For library with a Wiki-
The Library Instruction Wiki was designed to help librarians learn from one another.feel free to create collaborative spaces to brainstorm or develop a project, conference presentation. it belongs to the community of librarian.
i have feeling 'Wiki' is like an alive library everyday can see new topics, categories and a lot of someones experiences. is it exciting?

Friday, 29 August 2008

Exercise # 10

i have read some articles about Library2.0. from my understanding Library2.0 is a new way of providing library service through new Internet technologies with emphasis on 'user-centered' changes and interaction. inviting user participation and involved in the process of interacting with the catalog and sharing content, such as OPAC in our libraries. These new types of catalogs are a shift from "isolated information silos" to "interlinked computing platforms'. With new web tools information can be released to flow in every direction (library to user, user to library, library to library, and user to user, it is different with past which the information flow was mostly one way, from library to user.
Library 2.0 is not about searching, but finding; not about access, but sharing. Library 2.0 recognizes that human beings do not seek and utilize information as individuals, but as communities.
Do i have a right concept.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

share these exercises

i have no idea how fun will be to build up my own blog. why we need to learn how to create our own blogs. it was frustration from the beginning. confused, confused.. and lost, lost was my feeling. after help team gave me another instruction to let me understand what these exercises for and how to discover these exercises. Ha, i got it. now, i feel definitely 'FUN'. i am really enjoying the programmes !!

Exercise # 9

Technorati Profile

i did follow our instruction to create a watchlist , i think i did a right way but have been declined again and again, even i have seen my new blog on, the process still stops on 'activate the claim' . needs help !! it is the new blog with technorati
thanks again!

i got it, finally and thanks help team again!!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Exercise # 8

have you seen the photo? it is from my exercise #8 'explore ' tags-library
maybe it was a coincidence i clicked 'people' typed my name, i got a few websites have written by Chinese characters. but bookmarks does not need to add user's name to get more websites,
do you think 'bookmarks' or 'tags' is similar function with our libraries searching by 'title' or 'keyword' . they will bring all of information but display from a different title. hopefully i am doing a right exercise.
before i started my exercise i clicked 'help' it answered a lot of my questions. clear my doubts.
it is a really 'DELICIOUS' !! i am quite enjoying .

Friday, 22 August 2008

Exercise # 7.2 it is my new feeds i explored it from search tool and i added on my 'links' with 'bloglines.' Sometimes i am very proud of myself because i can learn new things so quickly , am I ? RSS feeds is the similar function with 'favorites' ? i added some websites on my Internet explore 'favorites'. each time i just click 'favorites' to find what i want to read or search .

Today I did my exercise . i clicked 'topix' under my 'links' in my blogger. i can read update news. it is working !! please let me know if i have misunderstood this exercise.
Thanks again.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Exercise # 7.1

I tried to understand what are different between 'google' and 'bloglines'. they both are searching engines and quick bringing out answers? why we need to use the 'bloglines' instead to use 'google'? i am still confused. even I have my own 'bloglines'. I am looking forward to having some help.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

The exciting fireworks at TAIPEI 101

Exercise #6

Skype lets me talk with my family, friends, relatives. anytime just need to click the magical green dot then enjoying that happy hours at home. also saves a long distance calls and money.
My computer had been invalid by some virus, I could not get Internet nearly a week. It was very inconvenient. Fortunately I got Eddie (my friend's son) who spent 10 hours to fix for me. Thanks Eddie.

Exercise #5

it is a new tower in Shanghai and their 'Oriental Pearl tower' on the corner. Are they beautiful !

Taipei 101, it is the highest tower in the world.

i always envy people who could design their own 'Christmas card' with their families photos on. with helper team i know how to use 'flickr' to discover and explore my own photos album or calendar with my favorites photos on . it is not just fun is a very exciting 'discovering'

Thursday, 7 August 2008

exercise #4

too excited to learn how to open 'flickr' which makes me to have more options.
Many thanks to my helpers.
I think this excited new learning is still confused me.