Friday, 29 August 2008

Exercise # 10

i have read some articles about Library2.0. from my understanding Library2.0 is a new way of providing library service through new Internet technologies with emphasis on 'user-centered' changes and interaction. inviting user participation and involved in the process of interacting with the catalog and sharing content, such as OPAC in our libraries. These new types of catalogs are a shift from "isolated information silos" to "interlinked computing platforms'. With new web tools information can be released to flow in every direction (library to user, user to library, library to library, and user to user, it is different with past which the information flow was mostly one way, from library to user.
Library 2.0 is not about searching, but finding; not about access, but sharing. Library 2.0 recognizes that human beings do not seek and utilize information as individuals, but as communities.
Do i have a right concept.

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