Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Exercise # 16

this article has been published from my 'Zoho writer' exercise. It is another easy way to create my documents. I feel more interested and more easier to have finished my exercise now. I Will appreciate to have comments for my writing.
Do reporters and photographers respect the private lives of famous people?

No. I really don't think reporters or photographers know how to respect the private lives of famous people.they try various methods to stalk them and immorally dig up these people private matters. They don't mind even the information is untrue or going to damage or harass these peoples reputations or marriages. curiosity is part of human nature. plenty of people are curious about the difference between public people lives and them.reporters and photographers want to feed readers interesting to get their job satisfaction. therefore, they neglect respecting peoples lives on the other hand, if these people have 'No' reporters or photographers how they be a famous?

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