Thursday, 18 September 2008

Exercise # 21

Browsing this exercise I do like Rotorua Library's Bebo, it is attracted people to discover the Library.
I am very interested 'Facebook' it is kind of my MSN (windows live messenger) and 'Skype', i can invite my friends or i be invited on their chatting lists. but 'Facebook' has more convenience functions. from my help team showed her 'Facebook' album and share with her sweet family beautiful photos. she told us she only needs to check on 'Facebook' she knows where her kids are and this web always be updated. yes, i sign-up and add my photo on 'Facebook' , i will ask my kids my relatives to sign-up to share our photos and messages. i really like the exercises make me learn more functions and information. even i have not learned thoroughly but i will take my time to do more exercises to satisfy myself.
welcome to join and be friends . click this website you will see my 'soul male' how handsome he is.

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